New Recording with Will Ackerman

Today was an incredible day, spent in the hills of Vermont, at Will Ackerman's Imaginary Road Studios, where we began pre-production on my next recording project. Will and I worked through the first nine songs that will appear on my next CD.

Working with Will is a dream come true for me. His musical ears and their dynamic and emotional sensibilities are unsurpassed in the field of acoustic music. His ability to push an artist to new levels of performance is truly remarkable. I left with a brand new perspective on my music, a new way to approach my instrument and a new understanding of how to communicate my compositions to the listener. 

This CD will be produced by Will Ackerman. It will include some re-recorded songs from my first two releases with a fresh new take, as well as some great new material that I am very proud of. The recording sessions will take place the second week of July, 2013. These sessions will include some remarkable guest players, including Will himself. 

I am really looking forward to this project. This is where my love for fingerstyle guitar began ~ Ackerman, Hedges, Cullen, de Grassi ~ Somehow, lead me here. 

So grateful....

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