Echoes CD of the Month for May

We are so grateful for John Diliberto's glowing review of “seven conversations”, as well as being featured as the CD of the Month for May on Echoes Radio!

“seven conversations”

It's here! Available wherever you listen to music. Downloads and CDs available in my store.

Seven Conversations

The new album from Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton, and myself is set for release on April 26th. We are starting to receive some glowing reviews for the record. You can read them for yourself here…

Echoes Radio - John Diliberto 

Wind and Wire - Bill Binkelman

Contemporary Fusion Reviews - Dick Metcalf

Artisan Music Reviews - R.J. Lannan

Exposé Online - Peter Thelen

Mainly Piano - Kathy Parsons

Full album release April 26, 2024

CDs will be available on Amazon upon release.

For more info about the record, visit the seven conversations website.

“words overheard” - Oster, Downes, Eaton


“words overheard” is the third and final single from our upcoming album “seven conversations” (Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton, Vin Downes)

Full album release 4/26!

Stream “words overheard” 

Official Video

Sunrise Mountain - Denis Turbide & Vin Downes

I have a new duet with Canadian guitarist Denis Turbide coming out on March 22nd. I play a melody on nylon string guitar on top of Denis' beautiful steel string guitar part. You can pre-save “Sunrise Mountain” now.

“Sunrise Mountain” Pre-Save

“Subliminal” - Oster, Downes, Eaton

“Subliminal”, the second single from our upcoming album “Seven Conversations”, is coming out 03/15/24! 

Pre-save “Subliminal”

“Seven Conversations” full album release on April 26th.

“Two Friends” - Duet with Lance Allen

I have a new single coming out on Friday 03/01. This is a lovely duet for two classical guitars that I recorded with Nashville area guitarist, Lance Allen. Please give it a listen and add it to your favorite playlists!

Stream Two Friends

“Hushed” - Oster, Downes, Eaton

The first single, “Hushed”, from our upcoming album “Seven Conversations” is out now! 

Stream “Hushed”

Look for two more singles in March and April before the full album release on April 26th.


Oster - Eaton - Downes

Seven years ago, Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton, and I played an improvised Living Room Concert for John Diliberto’s Echoes radio show. We had no material, and had only played one gig together the night before, improvising everything we played. So, we did the same thing for the Echoes performance…picked a key, and made it all up…listening, reacting, and responding to each other.

(If you would like to hear that Echoes performance, check it out here.)

That performance inspired us to go further…to record an album of ambient improvisations…and we finally did!

That album, Seven Conversations (Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton, Vin Downes), will be released on April 26th, with the first of three singles coming out in February.

The first single, “Hushed”, comes out on February 23, 2024. Click the link below to pre-save…

PRE-SAVE - “Hushed” 



A Brief Moment of Being Undistracted

My newest single, “A Brief Moment of Being Undistracted”, will be streaming on all platforms on October 27, 2023

Downloads and TABs available here on my website.

Downloads also available on my Bandcamp.

Mixed and Mastered by Tom Eaton at Sounds & Substance.