New Album Update

I wanted to update everyone on the progress of the new record. On August 12th, multiple Grammy Award winning cellist, Eugene Friesen added a track on my song "Unlike the Stars" at Imaginary Road Studios. Unfortunately, I was  unable to be in the studio while he was recording, but Will Ackerman called me during the session for a listen-in, and later sent me a rough MP3 of the track. Words cannot describe the emotion and beauty in Eugene's playing...unbelievable! I am very thankful to have him as part of the project.

Eugene's website ~

We are currently looking to finish tracking (piano/Tom Eaton, vocals/Susan Whittle, bass/Tony Levin, guitar/Will Ackerman) and mix the album in the first half of November. This is later than first projected, but Imaginary Road Studios is an extremely busy place and Tony Levin is currently on tour with Stick Men and Peter Gabriel in Europe through October.

In the meantime, as much as I want to be able to release this album right now, I have to try and be patient. It will be well worth the wait...I promise. 

Again, please know that I truly appreciate your confidence, encouragement and support.

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