New Album

Just an update on the new CD... We are just about to finish the mastering process and we are also currently putting together the packaging and artwork. The album will consist of nine new instrumental songs for solo guitar. A couple of the songs will contain additional guitar tracks, but for the most part, this is a solo guitar album.

I am very happy with these songs and their production. It is a bit of a return to my fingerstyle beginnings, where I have revisited various alternate tunings, but it also contains a few country blues type tunes as well. Eight of the songs were recorded on my 1974 Martin 000-18, my first serious fingerstyle guitar purchased years ago, which I have recently set up and rediscovered. It has been a wonderful reunion with that guitar. The other song was recorded on a new Guild GAD-C2 nylon string.

I am hoping to have this all wrapped up and sent out for duplication by the end of August. That would make the CD available somewhere around late September.  More to follow...



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