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Vin Downes: Press

Like many other fingerstyle players, Vin Downes holds a degree in classical performance but found his own musical trajectory changed by hearing the music of Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke. "Skies and Openings" is Downes' debut CD, seven solo performances and four tracks augmented by musical friends on bass, drums and violin. The title track is a melodic ode-to-joy reminiscent of Phil Keaggy's soaring style of composition and mood. "Climb" is a slow jackhammer groove but at intervals morphs into something balmier -- a giddying revolving door of emotion. On the face of it, "Mudshine" is a clawhammer blues, but there is just something a little different going on -- again, brief modal interludes are tossed in here and there to surprise. "Skies and Openings" is a truly impressive debut by an independent artist. © Alan Fark

Alan Fark - Minor 7th (Feb 22, 2010)

On Skies and Openings, what Vin Downes will open is your eyes and ears to the talent of this New Jersey-based fingerstyle guitarist. His debut recording features eleven original songs influenced by Americana, Blues, Classical, Folk and Jazz...

- (Jan 4, 2010)

"So She Spins" received an Outstanding Achievement Award in the 11th Annual Great American Song Contest.


"So She Spins" is a wonderfully impressive composition in all major respects. The melodic elements are fresh, emotionally resonant and consistently excellent. Vin Downes has amazing talent. It is a genuine pleasure to review such high quality  work.   ~ Great American Song Contest Evaluation

So She Spins - Vin Downes

Rated Top 3 

-Excellent guitar performance

-Excellent composition & arrangement

-Good Music production, Radio Ready

Rating: 9/10

"Words Over Us" and "On Eastern Tack" will be featured in Episode 3 of the new season of "Roadtrip Nation" on PBS !!!!!!

- PBS Roadtrip Nation (Jun 15, 2010)
Skies and Openings is an incredible debut from Vin Downes. Reminicent of Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges but with a distinct style and voice. "So She Spins" is a stand out track with a sweet lyrical melody that reminded me of Pat Metheny at times. "No Returning" has a melancholy that draws the listener in and as with all of the tracks, creates it's own atmosphere and transports the listener somewhere else. "Mudshine", "Climb" and "Kian's Blues" will impress fans of blues as well. A must have for fans of fingerstyle guitar and acoustic instrumental CDs. Technical yet simple. No overplaying. Every note counts and stands on its own.
Dave Kurtiak - How Now Brown Cow (Dec 4, 2009)

"Wonderful CD... so expressive and creative.Your influence will reach and inspire others in times to come!"

- John Sheehan (Dec 4, 2009)
I just finally got to listen to your cd. With the passing of my mom, life was just too crazy so I put it aside until life settled down. It's comforted my soul..I don't know how to thank you for what it did for me other than to say thank you. What a wonderful gift u have. Timing was perfect for listening to it...needless to say it's on 2nd run.......
Moe C (Dec 12, 2009)
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