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Featuring solos, duets, trios, and quartets by Will Ackerman, Vin Downes, Trevor Gordon Hall, and Todd Mosby will be released on all platforms April 2, 2019!



"When the Sea Lets Go"

10 Compositions for Solo Guitar

Produced by Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton

Featuring Guest Performances by

Michael Manring and Tom Eaton

Release Date : January 3, 2017

Vin Downes is one of the finest guitarists who I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my 40 year career as a producer. A brilliant player, Vin’s compositions are captivating and instantly memorable. Even more importantly to me, his pieces are emotionally evocative and connect on a very deep level with us as listeners. In encountering his latest recording, When The Sea Lets Go (a recording I co-produced with Tom Eaton), you will be listening to one of the great talents in today’s already rich guitar community.


Will Ackerman - Grammy Award Winning Producer

Emotion and creativity meet like graceful ships on a friendly ocean on Vin Downes’ when the sea lets go.  Downes finely tuned guitar work combined with his passion for perfection make this an incredible recording that is as timeless as it is thoughtful. His collection of highly refined tracks are enjoyable any time or any place, but they all share a unique sense of the introspective voyage.  I give this a rating I have never given before, that of Most Excellent, for it is one of the finest works I have ever heard.

R. J. Lannan - The Sounding Board

Vin Downes’ hypnotic When the Sea Lets Go gently soothes and relaxes with the peaceful ebb and flow of the ocean waves. Proving once again that “less is more,” Downes’ masterful acoustic guitar playing and composing come from the heart and express so much.

Kathy Parsons -


"Musical expression can range from universal themes to reflecting our most personal feelings. The latest release, When the Sea Lets Go by acoustic guitarist Vin Downes dives deep into his innermost emotional currents. Many people, from David Crosby and Will Ackerman, to literary influences and feelings of gratitude, reflection, compassion, loss, and more find their way into the songwriting of this former heavy metal rocker turned classically trained guitarist. Vin's use of dynamics and sense of space within his compositions takes them to a level that sets an exceptionally high watermark for music in this genre."

Michael Diamond - Music and Media Focus

Vin Downes is a brilliant guitarist and a heart-felt composer ...Vin is a consummate player who draws upon a wide range of styles. The marvelous thing is that his musical voice is unique enough and powerful enough to hold these different threads together seamlessly. His abilities as a player create an even broader palate from which to draw in his performances."

~ Will Ackerman

Grammy Award Winning Producer/Founder of Windham Hill Records

"Just beautiful...I love your music. I just love the way you play...really fine touch...

and you swing."

~ David Crosby

The Byrds, CSN, CSNY, Crosby/Nash, CPR

While Vin’s guitar playing is impressive and can range from tastefully understated to dazzling, I am equally impressed with his skills as a composer. Vin has a wonderful sense of composition that brims with emotional content. 

~Michael Diamond

Music and Media Focus

I expect Unlike the Stars to be the break-out album for Vin Downes, a great musical storyteller who has no need for words. Very highly recommended!


~Kathy Parsons

Downes' playing manages to mesh obvious technical mastery of his instrument with an uncomplicated and accessible approach to melody. He exhibits an uncommon control of nuance and shading.

~Bill Binkelman

Zone Music Reporter

Vin Downes has created and given to the world, an album that he will remember with fondness for the rest of his life and the fans will love forever, miss this one and you will have missed out on a real gem.

~Steve Sheppard

One World Music

Vin Downes is a Furch Guitars and Eastman Guitars Artist


Vin Downes uses K & K Sound Pickup Systems


Vin Downes uses Elixir Strings




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